Brian (gnomatron) wrote,

brians super-huge-ish cd sale!

hey folks! I have a load of cds for sale, most at 3 quid each or 4 for a tenner. There's a variety of genres; mainstream dance, ebm, industrial, indie, metal and some pop.

All the cds are in good condition and have been well looked after. comment here if you're interested.

these cds are all 3 quid each or 4 for a tenner;

new order - get ready
new order - waiting for the sirens call
blur - the great escape
blur - blur
x-press 2 - muzikizum
gwen stefani - love angel music baby (the one with what you waitin for on)
mylo - destroy rock & roll

a means to an end - the music of joy division (joy division covers compilation)
vast - music for people

seabound - no sleep demon
seabound - beyond flatline
wolfsheim - sppectators special edition (with bonus cd single)
dream disciples - asphyxia
xpq21 - belle epoque
awake the machines vol. 4 (industrial compilation fromm 2003, haujobb, hocico et al)
industrial highlights 01 (2003 industrial comp, winterkalte, p*a*l, hypnoskull et al
alec empire - intelligence and sacrifice
vnv nation - honour 2003 (single)

iron maiden - dance of death
puplic image ltd - the greatest hits so far
faithless - outrospective
spinal tap - spinal tap
never mind the bollocks heres the sex pistols
sepultura - against
sepultura - nation
machine head - the burning red

double disc compilations; (all still 3 quid or 4 for a tenner)
primal scream - dirty hits (best of)
cut up boys mash up mix 2008
back to the old skool
back to the old skool 2 (these are both ministry of sound double disc cheesy mainstream early 90s rave mixes)
the best anthems ever (the black and yellow covered one; various big indie hits from 1997 and before)
the best anthems ever 2 (with the purple cover with grey text; from 1998)

and these two are 3 disc sets, so i'd like 4 quid for them;
digital hardcore - don'y f**k with us (3 disc compilation of american digital hardcore)
hed kandi - disco kandi - the mix (3 disc hed kandi mix cd from 2007)
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